Before you start your treatment, you will have a one-on-one interaction with the consultant to ensure the best possible way to remove your skin tag. A lot of things like pros and cons, cost, on-care, procedure and any doubts will be discussed before the treatment. Application of the local anaesthesia into the area surrounding the lesion to be treated making the skin go numb so no pain is felt during the procedure. Using a hot/cold instrument the skin tags will be removed.


Split earlobe repair is a procedure that Skintillatingg Clinic provides for an earlobe which has torn entirely, as a result of over stretching or accidental tearing when wearing earrings. Stretched earlobe repair is a surgical procedure for people with stretched earlobes as a result of a tribal ear piercing, also known as a flesh tunnel. Flesh tunnel repair surgery is performed in the same manner as split earlobe repair surgery; however, it may take slightly longer. An incision is made in the earlobes and then stitched to repair the affected area. It is a relatively quick and simple procedure conducted under local anaesthetic.