This skin treatment is an advanced non-surgical procedure that helps in rejuvenation of the skin. Co2 laser helps in treating deep and severe wrinkles, sun damaged skin and scars caused through surgeries. The laser removes the outer layers of damaged skin to reveal the softer and smoother underlying skin. It can be done in specific areas, such as around the eyes or mouth, or the treatment can be used over the surface of the whole face of the patient. In addition to reducing pronounced wrinkles, the treatment stimulates surrounding skin tissue to make new collagen and elastin for a more youthful appearance.

  • Very effective for acne
  • Effects last longer
  • Younger looking skin
  • Dramatically improves acne scars or surgical scars
  • Improves Sun-induced redness (vascular dyschromia)
  • Correction of deep lines
  • Fixes skin imperfections
  • Stretch marks reduction