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Founder Akshaya Jain

NGO empowering women

"AMALEENI",a foundation working towards women empowerment & skill development,providing employment opputunities for women to help them lead an independent life & support their family. We work for the upliftment of the current status of Women who are exploited by the society & its norms.Our NGO has taken part in numerous relief activities both at local and National Level, helping women acquire and master skills so they can provide for their family.

Currently we are also working on guiding the children and youth of our nation regarding their safety in the society,stress management,their contribution towards the society.


Through self-esteem development, young women build this foundational factor that impacts their drive and persistence of behavior. In growing to love and believe in themselves they are more inclined to be confident and receptive to leadership opportunities.

In the development of leadership skills and mentor ship, girls gain the ability and conviction to become a principled leader. Developing this skill set and providing opportunities to practice leading, girls grow to become women who lead in school, work, and their community.


Our vision is to develop more confident female leaders to be equipped and passionate about leading organizations, businesses, schools, and agencies domestically and internationally. We work to contribute to a society where women leaders will no longer be viewed as the exception to the rule but as relevant assets and necessary additions to organizations globally.


10, Krishna Apartments Behind Yes Bank, Boat Club Rd,
Pune, Maharashtra 411001, India.

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+91 - 86698 23636, 86698 13636

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201, Second Floor, Shivom Regency, Baner Rd, Pune,

Maharashtra 411045

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